Landscapes in Pastel, Denise Byrnes Graham
"In all of nature in trees for instance, I see expression and a soul"
Vincent Van Goh
Growing up in the 1950's in Massachusetts we spent all of our free time outside. There was plenty of time to observe nature. One of my earliest memories was of a downed robin’s nest I came across while playing in the woods. The eggs were a mesmerizing shade of blue-green. Nature was magical to me, and became my inspiration to draw and paint. I would get lost in the process and not worry about the outcome.

Now I love to paint representational pastel landscapes. It can be frustrating as well as rewarding because what I see is so beautiful. Can I capture the moment? When I feel I have made a connection, conveyed the mood, caught the sunlight…all is right with the world. I want you to see the beauty of what I observe. Pastel is the medium I have chosen to capture the transitory mood of the moment and luminosity of nature.