Landscapes in Pastel, Denise Byrnes Graham
"In all of nature in trees for instance, I see expression and a soul"
Vincent Van Goh
Growing up on the south coast of Massachusetts we spent our free time outside. There was a lot of time to observe nature. An early memory was of a fallen robin’s nest I came across while playing in the woods. The eggs were a mesmerizing shade of blue. Nature was and is magical to me, and became my inspiration to draw and paint. The woods, fields, rivers,skies, coastline and changing seasons of New England are a constant source of inspiration.

For many years a worked in the commercial art field but longed to pursue fine art.I found my self drawn to pastel because of its brilliant colors and luminosity as well as its ability to represent texture.. When I feel I have made a connection, conveyed a mood, caught the sunlight…all is right with the world. In my representational landscapes pastel is the medium I have chosen to capture the transitory mood of the moment and luminosity of nature.